We believe there’s nothing more precious than the experience of being alive and that cannabis — with its unique combination of pain relieving and pleasure enhancing effects — can be used to enhance quality of life.

Chooze, Corp. develops Cannabis 2.0 products — brands that deliver the experience-enhancing effects of cannabis in the safest, healthiest, most environmentally conscious way possible.

Our pioneering approach combines virtually pure cannabinoids extracted from marijuana and hemp with botanically derived terpenes to create novel levels of clarity, sociability, pleasure and fun. It’s a radically new vision for cannabis, grounded in a wholly unique cannabis experience. We call it “Cannabis 2.0™”
Our first product, LucidMood, blends pure THC with pure CBD to produce a clearheaded sense of elevation with the ability to layer on mood-enhancing terpenes. It’s an accessible, mainstream cannabis experience designed for a mature, health conscious and responsible audience. If the growing number of user testimonials is any indication, LucidMood is shepherding the benefits of cannabis into the mainstream.